My Teaching Memoir

Have you simply ever felt lost and unseen, unheard, misunderstood in your life?  I certainly have, even as a daycare teacher.

In this book you will experience the joy that comes through simply playing and discovery.

The Making of Mia

A unique approach to the idea of learning through play.

This book is about my twenty-one years experience as a daycare teacher, making the point that the very best learning happens through play and how belonging is built.

The Making of Mia is special because it teaches through shared stories!

My book tells the stories of many children. Kids of all ages, ethnicities and differing abilities.  Every child is different, but they all have the same elementary need: connection and belonging, room to play and grow.

What can be learned in this book.

The teaching aspect of my book is the importance of belonging and play within early learning, but even more so, within life and our every interaction.

It is about returning to the understanding that the best play is unscripted.

There is nothing worse than so crowding children’s days that there is no room for real interaction with each other.

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The best way to reach out is simply by email.  With the subject “Making of Mia.”

This book is really for you.  It is a memoir of my years as a daycare teacher.

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Who am I?

My name is Sarah Ayers.

Today I am an author, parenting coach, podcast host, public speaker and the voice in several audio books as well as the owner of a wonderful daycare called Gooseberry Childcare.

In this book I was a young child, struggling teenager working at minimum wage and a young woman learning her place in the world.

Growth is incredible and I hope you find yourself in this story as well.

The Making of Mia is for people to pay attention to their own hearts as they interact with the world just as I have.

© Sarah Ayers Publications

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